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Michael and Vicki Pasterik

Michael and Vicki Pasterik serve as church multiplication facilitators with Every Community for Christ, the church multiplication catalyst of One Mission Society, in the Amazon River region of Peru, South America.

After several short-term mission trips to the Amazon beginning in 2012, Michael and Vicki began to feel God’s call on their lives to provide training for pastors in the Amazon jungle who had no access to professional training. On their several visits, they saw that people in the villages along the Amazon and Napo Rivers had a hunger for God, but few pastors were available to disciple them in their relationship with God.

In 2015, their oldest daughter, Victoria, was serving in an internship in Japan with OMS and received training to use Train & Multiply, a method of church planting and church multiplication employed by ECC for potential Christian leaders to evangelize and broaden the reach of the church as a whole. She contacted her parents to tell them about Train & Multiply, believing that it would be beneficial to those they were ministering to in Peru.

After speaking with the ECC director of church multiplication, they were invited to attend a Train & Multiply Training at OMS, and within two months, they were on the field in Peru, training pastors to use T&M materials for evangelism and discipleship in their own villages and communities, and giving men called to the ministry an opportunity to receive training in their own village at their own pace.

Train & Multiply ascribes to the view that no one can influence a culture like those who are already members of it, and this view aligns with the Pasteriks’ calling to equip the local pastors and church leaders with the tools needed to reach their own communities for Christ.

Prior to joining OMS, Michael and Vicki started their own ministry, Making Disciples in the Amazon. Vicki attended Geneva College and holds a paralegal certificate from International Correspondence School. Michael graduated from the Pennsylvania State University with a degree in electrical engineering. He works as a senior software engineer with Binary Tree. They are the parents of nine children, their first mission field, and the family lives on a farm in Pennsylvania.

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Michael and Vicki Pasterik
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