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Global Immigrant Outreach

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Project Account: #408227

Global Immigrant Outreach

Global Immigrant Outreach

OMS Immigrant Outreach Ministry exists to assist and encourage immigrants and refugees (diaspora) settling in a nation outside their passport country. The goal is to help these people establish themselves in a community and help them grow in their relationship and knowledge of Jesus Christ. This new ministry was created in response to globalization and seeing how God is bringing lost people into our local communities.

Many of the people coming to the U.S., for example, struggle with English, misunderstand the culture, and don’t know Jesus. That’s why we have many volunteers teaching English, sharing the Good News, mentoring, praying, and engaging in conversation with the diaspora people. Some of these people are considered “unreached” back in their homeland, and they number in the tens of thousands within just miles of the OMS World Headquarters.

OMS has also established a church specifically for immigrants in the U.S. Nueva Vida seeks to reach those lost, then to disciple and train them to reach out to others.

Several other OMS ministries around the world also have immigrant ministries. In Korea, Friends of All Nations is reaching out to thousands of foreign workers flooding that nation in search of jobs. In Spain (Peace and Hope Network) and England (Oscar Jimenez), OMS ministries are reaching out to Latin American immigrants now living in Europe.

Your donation will help these ministries, along with others with these same goals, expand their reach, providing practical resources such as buying Bibles, language acquisition training materials, compassionate services, and basic necessities.

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