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Project Account: #469960

Radio 4VEH

Radio 4VEH

Be a lifeline of hope for Haiti’s people through 4VEH

When massive Hurricane Irma threatened Haiti in September, we at 4VEH had two critical jobs to do: first, warn our listeners, helping them to prepare, and save as many lives as possible; and second, stand with them in prayer, reminding them that they have a heavenly Father who loves and cares for them.

As the storm drew closer, we stayed on the air around the clock. One of our news presenters, Elima, said, “Many people were very frightened, but we gave them the spiritual truths that God is in control, that He loves people, and we told our listeners to join together with us in praying for God’s mercy.” We knew friends like you were praying with us, and we thank God for your faithfulness!

God heard those prayers. By His grace, the hurricane barely touched our island as it passed by. Since then, we have received many comments from our audiences, thanking us for keeping them informed, praying with them, and standing alongside them.

This is how 4VEH, The Evangelistic Voice of Haiti, media ministry of One Mission Society, is a lifeline of hope for Haiti’s people. But it wouldn’t be possible without your support. We depend on gifts from friends like you to help us stay on the air, giving lifesaving information and sharing God’s love. Please help us continue this important work by making a donation to 4VEH today. Any amount will help so much—and right now you have a wonderful opportunity:

How will they know there’s a storm coming? …or that God so loved the world He sent Jesus—unless someone tells them?

With God’s help, your generous donation today will:

  • Tell someone in Haiti about salvation through Jesus.
  • Share life-saving information—urgent during storms and cholera outbreaks. It’s also vital as we help listeners understand more about health, farming, and other concerns so they can take good care of their families and communities.
  • Teach, encourage, and challenge believers to follow Christ every day.
  • Strengthen churches with few resources through trusted Bible teaching and application.

Give today and reach up to one million people in Haiti and beyond with the love of Jesus. A gift of $50 sponsors one hour of broadcasting. Any amount you can give today will make a difference.

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