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United States
Project Account: #905510

Leadership Training for Ministry Effectiveness

Leader Development

As Operation World points out, leadership in mission organizations is critical: “Leaders need great wisdom in setting clear objectives, guidance in selecting and placing workers, ability in giving pastoral care, and skills in maintaining good relationships with secular authorities, other missions, and national churches.” (7th ed, p. 19)

The Leader Development for Ministry Effectiveness initiative will establish an integrated leader development program that will promote the long-term fruitfulness and sustainability of OMS ministry on a global scale.

One Mission Society (OMS) is earnestly seeking God’s direction and empowerment as we go about the work of multiplying disciples, churches, leaders, and missionaries. We believe that achieving the clarity, focus, and alignment to accomplish this work will require us to build the capability and capacity of both current and future leaders. These leaders must first be adequately equipped, and then they must receive sufficient ongoing support to meet the challenges we have asked them to undertake.

One Mission Society has a great heritage of ministry, having impacted millions of lives, planted tens of thousands of churches, and founded an extensive network of Bible schools and seminaries. But even greater ministry opportunities lie ahead. The Leadership Training project will promote a strong organizational culture in OMS and its partners, leading to greater fruit in ministry.

An investment in the development of one leader is an investment in all the leaders that person raises up and all the persons impacted by those leaders. You have the opportunity to experience the fulfilment of using your God-given resources to have a strategic impact on the kingdom. We are thankful for your consideration of this request to invest in the Leader Development initiative.

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