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It’s not a flashy idea easily marketed in a consumer-driven culture where well-meaning organizations brand and promote themselves to win. Rather than selling ourselves and our organizations, may we live as Christ-followers in an authentic way.
Without the work of homeland missionaries, our missionaries serving around the world would not be nearly as effective and, in some cases, not able to serve at all.
Recently, OMS Nicaragua missionary Andrea McFall shared an inspiring story from Laura, a coworker at Nicaragua Christian Academy. Here is Laura’s story in a letter for OMS retired missionary, Valetta Steele Crumley.
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, everyday life has been difficult for Ranji* and his family in South Asia.
It is easy for hope to fade as our world system accelerates toward chaos, conflict, and corruption. But take heart and get into God's Word ...
OMS missionary Rachel Coleman has written a thoughtful piece on how we, as Christians, should deal with the current situations in our world. She uses the Three Muskateers catchphrase "one for all and all for one" to inspire us as a body of believers.
The COVID pandemic has not only caused physical and economic problems around the globe, but it has also resulted in an increase in human trafficking. See how you can help ...
Gemma’s life was full of disappointments and loneliness. She had anxiety attacks, which led to depression and wanted to die because nothing was going well for her.
In Mozambique, our missionaries invest daily in training servant leaders for the Mozambican church. Lázaro, a recent graduate of MBTS, is one such leader.
In these troubled times of racism and disunity in America, OMS Global President Bob Fetherlin shares his perspective.
COVID-19 has already killed hundreds of thousands and threatened millions more. The lockdown has been economically devastating to the poor, creating dire need for basic food and medication. But now multiplied devastation is mounting in India and Bangladesh.
Growing up as a PK (preacher’s kid) and now being in ministry of one type or another for 20 years, there are many things I have learned. One of which is when people serve the Lord, there will always be opposition.
We hope this article, the third in a four-part series, about sadness in the midst of this pandemic brings you some much-needed hope.
Imagine living in a place where there is no running water to wash your hands to help stem the spread of COVID-19? We don’t need to explain how this is an unprecedented time in our history. We are all living it. Read how you can make an impact.
In the midst of our current situation with COVID-19, you may wonder if you are dealing biblically with your anger. Read more ...
Do you have questions about how the virus has affected OMS ministries? Read how we have responded.
Are you feeling anxious in these unprecedented times of widespread the virus and fear of it? Take a moment to read these comforting words.
In these days of our newsfeeds being filled with all things related to the scary coronavirus, our President offers some hope.
Meet Vladimir, a student from Siberia studying at Moscow Evangelical Christian Seminary (MECS) in Russia.
Was baby Vivek cursed? Was his life causing the Hindu Indian family tragedies?
Who wrote Streams in the Desert? It first appeared in 1924. Along with My Utmost for His Highest, it was one of the bestselling devotionals of the 20th century. But who wrote it?
Bowing at the altar of accumulation, there’s always a desire for more. We end up loving the things of this world, finding our significance in them, only to discover they don’t satisfy.
In December 1999, 700 Islamic extremists attacked Doulos Bible College in Jakarta, Indonesia. Dominggus, just 18 years old and a freshman at the time, had just become a Christian earlier that year. (Graphic images included.)
On November 3, 2019, nearly 2,000 Christians from 24 churches in northern Haiti marched to a site dedicated to the devil and rampant with Voodoo practice to reclaim the area for Jesus.
I found out that my friend had died when an email bounced back. Knowing her age, I had the immediate sense of "knowing" the reason why. It takes time for those email inboxes to either fill up or come to an end.
Meet Mangali, an eighty-seven-year-old Indian woman who accepts Jesus after hearing the Gospel faithfully shared for 10 years. Read her story ...
Edier Osvaldo Ruiz began his life of crime 40 years ago. While only a child, 11 or 12 years old, he became a part of the Medellín criminal cartel, made famous by its leader, Pablo Escobar. From a young age, Edier served as a contract killer, murdering people in Medellín and beyond.
Terrorists recently attacked an OMS village church plant in Sirgagui, Burkina Faso, killing eight individuals for their Christian faith. Two were pastors. Relief assistance for these families is needed.
OMS church planters, Joshua* and his mother Naomi,* were led to visit Fatima, a bedridden widow living alone and without hope. They lovingly prayed for and shared the Good News of Jesus with her. Fatima’s face beamed with tears of joy as her life was changed forever.
My parents were members of the Communist Party. They never spoke of God or the Bible. However, when I was five years old, my grandmother insisted that I be baptized in the Orthodox Church. This was...
Mutu Kumar, at the tender age of 10 years old, became suicidal because of his poor grades in school. In the Indian culture, education is crucial and without it, he felt like a failure, like he was letting down his entire family. Mutu Kumar was ripe for some good news… he needed hope.
One man in Kiteezi, Uganda was determined to root human trafficking out of his community. Read what he did about it!
“Women need not have their talents buried. They have a role in the life of the church, and God wants to use them as they respond to the call of the harvest. When women are trained and motivated in witnessing, they can reach women in homes where no male evangelist can enter. Their labor is needed.”
Lakshman, a hard-working stone cutter in India, became an orphan at a young age. His grandparents raised him, but unfortunately, by age 12, he had already begun smoking and drinking. His grandfather always told him that if he went to church he would find peace, but Lakshman continued in his rebellious ways.
In 2005, I met a Christian from the U.S unexpectedly. In a Bible study held in her house, I met a woman from Hong Kong. She shared Jesus with me. I thought Jesus was nice, but I could not believe the first sentence of the Bible because I believed in evolution. I told her that because I could not believe the first sentence, I could not believe any of the Bible.
My name is Sophia, and I am Korean Chinese, born in Yanji City, a small city in northeast China. Soon after becoming a Christian, I began wondering how I could glorify the Lord in my work at a TV station. I started selecting the TV content based on biblical values, but I had to face the reality of today’s media. I knew Satan worked through it.
In one small town in Asia, a missionary was arrested for evangelizing to the locals. Since it’s illegal to share the Gospel, he was noticed by a local police officer and arrested for sharing about Jesus Christ. The policeman took him to a jail and proceeded to berate and mock him for his faith; he even threatened to execute him for this crime.
Don had a request for medical equipment for a clinic in Haiti. He had made many, many calls to places that sold this kind of equipment, but there was nothing OMS could afford. A couple of examination tables could cost as much as a house!
Let’s be honest, sharing the Gospel is intimidating. Why? Just as public speaking causes great anxiety for many people across the nations so does evangelism. This fear may derive from an innate desire to be liked among our fellow humans, but sometimes, we must step out in faith to overcome this fear.
Every day, we are surrounded by individuals from countries and cultures that are unfamiliar to us. As Christians, it is our responsibility to use these God-given opportunities to grow God’s kingdom. Here are 5 reasons you should step outside of your comfort zone and share the Gospel with your immigrant neighbor.
Statistics would show that more than 60 percent of all church going Christians never share their faith. Here are 3 good reasons to be part of the 40 percent that do share their faith regularly:
Let's face it... life can be really awkward at times. We believe these awkward moments are perfect opportunities to share the Gospel. Here are a few of your every day, awkward moments where you can uniquely insert the Gospel!
I grew up in a Christian home filled with the love of Jesus. During my hard times I ran to Jesus for comfort and rest. He is the only person I trust to keep me anchored while I go through life and even saying that, I had not shared the Gospel with a single person until I entered college, even though I knew how life-changing it would be. When I entered college, I was mentored and shown how wrong I was when I thought about evangelizing. There were 5 main things holding me back:
When you hear the phrases “going out to evangelize” or “sharing the Gospel,” what is your reaction? Maybe something like, “Oh, that is too scary,” or “Only missionaries and evangelists do that,” or “That’s serious stuff.” Well, it is serious … seriously important, but that doesn’t mean it is too difficult for the average Christian to do. We as followers of Jesus are called to share the Gospel with our neighbors, coworkers, friends, and family. Most of us are aware of that, but how do we do it? We want to help! Let’s get started.
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