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Pam Duhrkoop

Pam Duhrkoop serves as a HOPE61 international trainer in Japan and South Korea. HOPE61 is One Mission Society’s human...
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Marco and Laura Vergara

Marco and Laura will serve the church in Bogota, Colombia, equipping and training leaders.
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Josh Krumenacher

Josh serves with Men for Missions, a ministry of One Mission Society, as the U.S. ministry team specialist.
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Don and Marla Bettinger

Don and Marla Bettinger are missionaries, serving in Taiwan with One Mission Society on loan from World Partners of...
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Sharon Hearn

Sharon Hearn is a missionary in Taiwan with One Mission Society. She has served as a counselor to the missionary...
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Micah and Marla Routon

Let God be praised for what He has done in the country of Brazil. More than 50 years ago, OMS missionaries arrived in...
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Aimee Howarth

Aimee Howarth grew up California and received her bachelor of science in education from the University of Miami in...
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Jim and Karen Hogrefe

Jim coordinates several of the training programs within Every Community for Christ, the church multiplication...
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Lydia Gard

Lydia serves as the editor in the Communications Department of One Mission Society.
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Jessica Hollopeter

Jessica Hollopeter serves as the Train & Multiply production team leader with Every Community for Christ, the church...
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Keith and Sheri Wardlaw

Sheri Wardlaw is involved with Dynamic Women and Every Community for Christ, both ministries of One Mission Society,...
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Benjamin Taber

Benjamin Taber serves as the videographer and AV specialist for OMS USA. His passion is using visual media,...
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