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Randy and Linda Spacht

Randy and Linda are part of the OMS pastoral team in Greenwood, Indiana.
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Emily and Tong Troeung

Emily serves with HOPE61, an OMS ministry of human trafficking prevention, in Australia and New Zealand.
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Jenna and Pippen Guerrier

Jenna Guerrier serves with Men for Missions as the director of ministry teams.
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Tom and Jan Sparrow

Tom and Jan Sparrow have been missionaries with One Mission Society since 1975. Beginning their ministries in...
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Jeff and Courtney Acton

Jeff and Courtney Acton, along with their three children, are following God on a journey to serve in Mozambique,...
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Doug and Cindy Tankersley

Doug and Cindy Tankersley serve as One Mission Society missionaries with Men for Missions, a ministry of OMS. As...
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Mike and Ann Miner

Michael and Ann Miner serve as regional directors for the Northwest with Men for Missions. Men for Missions is One...
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Troy and Jennifer Gentry

Troy and Jenny Gentry first received a calling to serve God in Mexico in 1999, while still in college. They were...
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Bruce and Donna Hess

Bruce and Donna Hess, called by God through his Word to follow Jesus Christ in missions and obedient to the voice of...
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Debbie Wittig

Since 1974, Debbie Wittig has served with One Mission Society as a school teacher for missionary kids (MKs) in India,...
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Valeene Hayes

Valeene Hayes was a missionary musician at Radio 4VEH in Cap-Haitien, Haiti. She began her ministry with One Mission...
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Cathy Poffenberger

God gave Cathy Poffenberger a burden for the nations as she read through a copy of Operation World in 1997. She now...
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