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Aaron and Shannon DePue

Aaron and Shannon will serve as the social entrepreneurship coordinators in Budapest, Hungary.
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David and Carol Cosby

David and Carol are opening Venezuela as the newest field for One Mission Society. David serves as field director and...
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Daniel Godbey

Corey Daniel serves with the New Life Network and lead discipleship process and development.
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Rich and Lynae Danzeisen

In 2012, the Lord led Rich and Lynae Danzeisen to One Mission Society. Soon after, Rich was appointed as executive...
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Mike and Pat Dragon

Mike and Pat Dragon serve as One Mission Society missionaries with Every Community for Christ (ECC).
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Josh Krumenacher

Josh serves with Men for Missions, a ministry of One Mission Society, as the U.S. ministry team specialist.
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Randy and Shelley Marshall

Randy and Shelley Marshall serve with One Mission Society in Kiev, Ukraine. They organize evangelistic English camps...
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Cynthia Carr

Cynthia Carr served with One Mission Society in Ecuador from 1968 to 2003. In August 2003, she moved to Bradenton,...
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Lois Taber

Bob and Lois Taber began their evangelism and mission ministries with One Mission Society in 1965 after 16 years in...
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Jessica Hollopeter

Jessica Hollopeter serves as the Train & Multiply production team leader with Every Community for Christ, the church...
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Sharon Hearn

Sharon Hearn is a missionary in Taiwan with One Mission Society. She has served as a counselor to the missionary...
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Lydia Gard

Lydia serves as the editor in the Communications Department of One Mission Society.
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