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Shayne Rochfort

Shayne Rochfort serves as an affiliate missionary with One Mission Society in Thailand, serving and connecting with...
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David and Celia Dick

David and Celia Dick have served as missionaries with the Evangelical Congregational Church under One Mission Society...
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Saleem and Nisreen Shalash

Pastor Saleem Shalash is the pastor and founder of Home of Jesus the King Church in Nazareth, Israel, the hometown of...
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David and Conce Roof

David and Conce Roof have served with One Mission Society since March of 2000. During their first term (2000–2006),...
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Hannah McCalla

As a member of the Mobilization team, Hannah will help communicate with people who are interested in serving in...
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Gene and Shelba Pollic

Gene and Shelba Pollic began working as associate staff with Men for Missions in 1995 while living in the South. Gene...
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Al and Sandy Gaines

Al and Sandy Gaines serve as regional directors for Men for Missions, a ministry of One Mission Society, in the...
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Bill and Joyce Oden

After pastoring for nearly 20 years in the U.S., Bill and Joyce sensed God’s call to missions and became a part of...
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Judy Evans

Judy Evans works as the administrative assistant for Warren Hardig, who is the international executive director of...
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Sasha Tsutserov

Sasha Tsutserov’s parents were members of the Communist Party in Russia. They never spoke of God or the Bible....
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Kemp and Jean Edwards

Kemp and Jean Edwards have been missionaries with One Mission Society since 1966. After graduating from Asbury...
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Jacqueline Shatto

In November 2016, Jacqui Shatto traveled to Israel as a member of a prayer team with Dynamic Women in Missions...
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