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Audrey Gray

Audrey is the discipleship and social services specialist in MedellĂ­n, Colombia.
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Karen Neff

Karen Neff is a missionary in Taiwan with One Mission Society, working at Morrison Academy since 1983. Morrison is an...
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Marilyn Snider

Marilyn Snider served in Hong Kong with One Mission Society since 1966. She has recently transitioned from Hong Kong...
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Scott and Debbie Warner

Debbie serves with HOPE61 as a trainer for Haiti.
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Scott and Kathy Murphy

Scott and Kathy Murphy have served in Madrid, Spain, since 1982 as missionaries with One Mission Society.
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Kathy Hetzler

As a One Mission Society missionary, Kathy Hetzler will participate in and lead various short-term trips. She will...
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Jenna and Pippen Guerrier

Jenna Guerrier serves with Men for Missions as the director of ministry teams.
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BJ and Andrea Williamson

BJ and Andrea Williamson serve in Ecuador as missionaries with One Mission Society. They began their career in 2004...
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Cynthia Carr

Cynthia Carr served with One Mission Society in Ecuador from 1968 to 2003. In August 2003, she moved to Bradenton,...
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Brian Kessler

One Mission Society missionary Brian Kessler serves as the director of Information Systems for Every Community for...
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Jake and Honah Kim Finn

OMS missionaries Jake and Honah Finn serve missionaries and their families throughout Asia at Cornerstone Counseling...
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Ashley Boner

Ashley develops and delivers effective, informal online training to empower lay leaders and church leaders to...
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