Worldwide Disaster Relief

Project Account: #408239
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Project Account: #408239

Urgent COVID-19 Global Pandemic Response

Worldwide Disaster Relief

One Mission Society, in partnership with our sister compassion organization, Mercy, inc., is joining hands to offer relief to those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as other natural disasters like the recent Cyclone Amphan. 

In many countries where OMS has partner churches, many of the people are day laborers. They live from hand-to-mouth, doing hard labor to eke out a living. With the lockdown, their day labor opportunities have dissipated with no unemployment help, no stimulus checks, and no savings accounts. They are in dire straits.

And for those in India and Bangladesh, this latest cyclone was like a 1-2 punch, knocking them to the ground.

We can provide resources where needed most worldwide. Your generous donation will help provide compassionate humanitarian relief, income for OMS pastors who have lost their jobs, income-generating business opportunities, life-saving clean water, food, medical and hygiene supplies, and temporary housing and food for those also affected by natural disasters, which continue to happen in the midst of this crisis.

We have trusted missionaries and local partners on the ground in hard-hit areas. With accountability and reporting in place with them, we have high confidence money entrusted for COVID-19 relief will be stewarded carefully and used for its intended purpose.

OMS is committed to integrating word (the verbal explanation of the Gospel) with deed (Christ-like acts of compassion) as seamlessly as possible. Thus, investment in this relief effort is intended to bring both temporal and eternal relief.



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Worldwide Disaster Relief
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