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Bibles for Africa

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Project Account: #404550

Church Planters Need Bibles!

Bibles for Africa

Many of our church planters do not have a Bible. While that may seem hard to believe, it is their reality. We recently discovered that, on average, 45 percent of our church planters do not own a Bible in the Village Church Planting or VCP regions where OMS serves.

The math works this way.

  • We have approximately 550 VCP centers.

  • Each training center has approximately 15 men or women church planter students. Each will plant his/her first church within the first year. That’s approximately 8,250 church planters.

  • If 45 percent do not have a Bible, the need is about 3,710 Bibles.

  • By God’s grace and his peoples’ provision, over the past few months we have purchased 415 Bibles.

  • The remaining need is about 3,300 Bibles.

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