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Project Account: #408293

Reaching Muslims in the Tension Belt of Africa

Shalom Africa Initiative

The Shalom Africa initiative is bringing transformation to remote villages in the “convergence belt,” that portion of the continent where Christians and Muslims live in close proximity. African Christians are being empowered to share the Gospel, make disciples, and reach their communities through compassion. Villages are being impacted economically, socially, and spiritually. As we combine compassion ministry with a village church planting (VCP) mission strategy, we are gaining access to countries and communities that are typically difficult or even resistant to the Gospel. 

Through the One Mission Society VCP ministry, dynamic and expanding church multiplication is taking place as we focus on African villages. The VCP vision is to plant a church in every African village by 2050. VCP currently operates about 550 training centers in 23 African countries, 17 of which are part of the convergence belt.

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