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Colombia Prison Ministry (ACCA)

Project Account: #300530
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Project Account: #300530

Impacting Prisoners for Christ

Colombia Prison Ministry (ACCA)

For decades, Colombia was plagued by crime, with some of the worst violence taking place inside the nation’s prisons. In one prison, Bellavista, there were as many as 50 murders in a single month.

However, a Colombian pastor felt led to start a church inside the prison walls, and amazing things began to happen. Terrorists, paid assassins, and drug dealers responded to the Gospel and accepted Christ. The murder rate plummeted. Forgiveness replaced vengefulness, hope replaced despair.

Since then, the ministry begun at Bellavista has spread across Colombia's prison systems as inmates were transferred to other institutions.
Today, we have active ministries in more than 200 prisons in Colombia, providing discipleship, planting churches in prisons, providing courses to inmates, and guiding restorative justice ministries between victims and offenders.

OMS partner ministry, Prison Fellowship of Colombia, is having an ever-expanding impact on the lives of Colombians. Ministries focus not only on reaching the prisoners but on their families as well. Family-oriented ministries include support for the children of prisoners, delinquency prevention projects, and drug abuse prevention.

The ongoing prison ministry in Colombia is having a life-changing impact. Will you prayerfully consider making a donation to Colombia Prison Ministry, project #300530?

Your prayers and financial contributions will impact people who desperately need the hope and transformation that is found in Jesus Christ.

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