Field Accountant - Ecuador


Field Accountant - Ecuador

You will be working in Cuenca, Ecuador. The field accountant role is an office position with other ministerial opportunities.    


  • Preparation of the field budget to be approved by the Field Committee and/or Finance.
  • Responsibility for all field disbursements and receipts.
  • Custody of all Mission cash assets, near-cash assets, and securities on the field.
  • Accountability for all Mission assets, such as real property, vehicles, equipment and furnishings.
  • Maintenance of all financial records in accordance with Mission standards.
  • Regular review of the accounts of all that receive and disburse Mission funds.  This includes outlying centers, various mission ministries, and institutions on the field as well as such programs of the national church to which OMS contributes designated donations.
  • Responsibility to not overspend the approved budget and reduce expenditures whenever there is insufficient income. 
  • Responsible to work with Field Committee to increase funding.
  • Interpretation of field financial printouts from headquarters to the Field Committee on a quarterly basis or as requested by the Field Director.
  • Supervision of the work of the field bookkeeper if one is used on the field.
  • Performance of necessary internal control procedures.
  • Oversight of reporting for mission employees, including gaining an understanding of employment laws on the field and reviewing reports filed by professionals.
  • Oversight of all reporting required by National laws on the field.
  • Involvement in the interview and engagement of professionals such as accountants and attorneys, and oversight of their work produced.
  • Responsible for grant reporting for entities/individuals receiving grants from OMS, including requesting reports, reviewing reports, and communicating results to OMS global.
  • Maintain bank account balances and transfers of funds in a manner that facilitates the lowest fees and exchange rate losses.


  • 2-year degree in accounting/business/finance or equivalent experience preferred
  • Functioning level Spanish (or willingness to learn)
  • Logical reasoning and interpersonal skills required
  • Proficiency in Microsoft office software, OMS accounting software required

This is a support-based position that involves raising financial support through ministry partners for salary and other expenses.

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