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David and Cindy Aufrance

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Dave and Cindy Aufrance began their ministry in Hong Kong with a short-term commitment in 1975. That “short-term” has stretched over many years and has encompassed a variety of ministries.

They began as teachers at United Christian College UCC), a local secondary school. Dave taught until 1990 and since then has served as supervisor and is currently on the Board of Directors and School Management Committee. They now pastor some of the students they taught many years ago.

In 1991, Dave accepted a “temporary” assignment as Hong Kong OMS field leader. He continued in this role until 2010 when Hong Kong and East Asia were combined into one administrative region. During this time, he was part of the founding committee of International Christian School and served as board chairman for nine years. He was also part of the founding group for United Wesleyan Graduate Institute, the OMS-related seminary in Hong Kong.

Cindy’s roles have included director on the boards of United Christian College and United Wesleyan Graduate Institute, OMS field treasurer, administrator, hostess, and English teacher in the seminary. In recent years, she has been involved in Bible studies, mentoring, discipleship, counseling, and prayer ministry. In 2008, she joined two partners to open a counseling/prayer ministry center.

In 2010, they began a completely new assignment to plant an international, English-speaking church in cooperation with OMS-related Hong Kong Evangelical Yan Yue Church. As co-pastors of the new RiverGrace International Christian Fellowship, they are asking the Lord to build a strong, mission-sending fellowship focused on the vision to “invite, empower, train, and send people of many nations to be ambassadors of Christ.” As part of that vision, they have initiated outreach among ethnic minorities in Hong Kong, including domestic helpers, and cooperation with organizations that minister to refugees and asylum seekers.

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David and Cindy Aufrance
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