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Stephen Scholes

United Kingdom
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Stephen Scholes

I’m a Yorkshire man from the beautiful north of England in Bradford West Yorkshire.

I attended The Northumberland Bible College, reading mission and pastoral theology. In 1979, as a family, we applied to One Missions Society and were accepted for ministry in Haiti where I served for nine years as director of Evangelism and Church Planting with my wife Jean, serving as field treasurer.

On returning to Yorkshire, we continued to serve with the Mission until 1993 when I was asked to enter the pastoral ministry, traveling to the States to preach at Simpson Park Camp in Michigan and Triple Cities Convention in Northern N.Y, Florida, and much closer to home in Europe, before finally retiring in April 2020.

I am rejoicing that although the Lord has led me through the valley of the shadow of death in losing my wife at an early age and my eldest son Richard, an ordained minister, at the age of 39, along with our grandson, Daniel, at the young age of 8, He has remained ever faithful to me.

In July 2004, the Lord blessed me with Debbie, who I was privileged to marry and who shares with me in ministry, being an absolute rock of encouragement driving to church appointments, doing the admin, and keeping the home available for hosting mission guests.

I was asked by One Mission Society to represent the Mission throughout the north of England and, considering we have less than 2% evangelical Christians in the north of England, which is one of the lowest percentages of the mission fields that OMS serve, we are praying for the Lord to provide through His people, to enable us to travel to churches and fellowships that do not have the income to cover our mileage and living expenses.

Please pray that the Lord will introduce us to key people and churches that our work and ministry can go unhindered in the U.K.

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