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Project Account: #408140

Serving Refugees in Crisis

Refugee and Relief Fund

Pastor Relief Pallets

As the war continues in Ukraine, many pastors there are sacrificially supporting the physical and spiritual needs of their communities while trying to provide for their own families. Because these faithful pastors chose to stay in their war-torn homeland, they do not legally qualify for any aid and often find themselves giving away all they have at the expense of their families. You can help fill their needs by funding a relief pallet that will provide a pastor and his family food and supplies. Most of these pastors have large families and give generously to their communities. Your donation of $1,000 provides them everything they need to live for a month, including dry food supplies and things like a kettle to heat water, and gives them peace of mind as they serve their families, churches, and communities. 

Before the first explosions struck, our missionaries serving in Kyiv evacuated. They are safe and now ministering on the front lines with other OMS Europe team members. A God-ordained partnership with a humanitarian organization allows our OMS workers to cross the border and deliver relief supplies in Ukraine. To date, OMS has provided 15 tons of food, water, and other essentials to those in need.

The OMS team is also facilitating housing and moving people from the border to major transportation hubs. The OMS ministry center in Budapest has been converted into a temporary 12-bed shelter for those who need a place to stay for a few days. The linguistic and cultural knowledge of the Ukraine team has been invaluable as they minister to the physical and spiritual needs of the refugees.

A team of 6, including a Ukrainian speaker and a Russian speaker, from the OMS-related work in Israel spent 10 days at the Hungary-Ukraine border in the first days of the conflict. They ministered at a relief center near the border in Hungary, helping refugees as they arrived. Many times they prayed with people as they sought to comfort them. Another team arrived the week of March 21.

Sadly, this situation is ongoing, and the damage is great. Your faithful partnership remains vital. OMS is committed to helping Ukrainians for the long haul. Each large van load of supplies and food, including transportation to the border, costs about $5,000 (US$).

Can we count on your support?

Thank you for your prayers and partnership.  

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