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Philip and Ruth Robinson

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Philip and Ruth Robinson

Philip and Ruth Robinson, along with their children Jemimah and Zechariah, serve the Lord in the Philippines with One Mission Society. They have a deep desire to extend God’s kingdom and be part of his final harvest. They recognize they cannot do it alone and need to be part of a team working together with others.

Phil (from New Zealand) has completed two short-term mission trips to the Philippines, three weeks at a time, in 2003 and 2008. Ruth (from the Philippines) is a missionary/pastor’s daughter, and so mission has been part of her life. They both completed six months of discipleship training together in 2012, which involved three months of training and three months of outreach.

They currently live in Malolos City and work in their home church there as missionary pastors. A Christian school is run from the church, and many non-Christian students and parents come to know and follow Jesus through the ministry of the school.

Their main mission/ministry area is to the Mangyan people on the island of Mindoro. The Mangyan brothers and sisters are a marginalized people, quite poor, and many have not been educated, so they cannot all read the Bible. Great changes have happened for the Mangyan since people obedient to the Lord have worked with them and brought the full Gospel of truth of our saving King Jesus. The Mangyan brothers and sisters have been baptized and married in the sight of God and are now more confident. They have a church, toilets and running water, and Bibles in their own language.

Philip and Ruth have been missionaries with OMS New Zealand since 2015.

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