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David and Lori Long

David and Lori Long’s concern and love for the Chinese people began to intensify after spending a month teaching English and conducting Bible studies in Hong Kong during the summer of 1994.

The following summer, they moved with their family of five to Macau with One Mission Society and began work with a local church plant from the Hong Kong Evangelical Church, teaching Bible studies and tutoring English students while learning Cantonese, the local language. In 1998, the Longs moved into another part of East Asia, working as tent makers. David taught English to management level factory workers during the week, and on the weekends, the whole family taught English classes and supported the local church.

After a year of home assignment, the Longs returned to Hong Kong for four years. David continued to preach in Macau and Hong Kong on a regular basis. He also helped establish the United Wesleyan Graduate Institute in Hong Kong, where David taught New Testament Greek and theology classes. David and Lori worked together with a local church, leading a university student Bible study and a Sunday school class. Lori also ministered through women’s Bible study classes and prayer ministry.

In July 2004, David was elected by the OMS Board of Trustees as the ninth President of One Mission Society and served in that position until 2014. Lori worked alongside him as assistant to the President, allowing them to continue working as a team in ministry.

David and Lori currently serve OMS in the area of theological education, which brings opportunities to visit and encourage our 35 OMS seminaries and Bible schools around the world and for David to teach in spiritual formation. Lori also serves in missionary care assisting missionaries through transitions.

David holds a bachelor of science degree in accounting from Murray State University, a juris doctorate from the University of Kentucky, and a master of divinity degree and a doctor of ministry from Asbury Theological Seminary. As a member of the Fayette County and Kentucky Bar Associates, he practiced law for 15 years.

Lori earned a bachelor of arts in Christian education from Asbury University, which equipped her to develop a children’s program and outreach in a local church. Lori has enjoyed raising their three kids, serving on the school board at International Christian School in Hong Kong, serving the church, being involved in prayer ministry, leading Bible studies, and mentoring young women. Lori’s desire is to encourage women of all nations to walk in the truth of God’s Word.

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David and Lori Long
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