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David and Celia Dick

In 1975, while archery hunting, Dave heard a one-word call three times, "evangelism, Evangelism, EVANGELISM.” Over time, accompanied with prayer, that call became very specific to cross-cultural missions. Celia received her call while counseling at a youth camp, which strengthened and confirmed Dave’s calling. The next six years were spent preparing at Asbury University (formerly Asbury College) and Asbury Theological Seminary.

Over the next year, God granted confirmation through the necessary prayer and financial support, and Dave and Celia were commissioned to serve with One Mission Society (formerly OMS International). They served their first 10 years in the South Pacific, where Dave served as field director unifying, aligning, and leveraging the largest, most cosmopolitan missionary team within OMS at the time, consisting of six diverse western and non-western nationalities. Subsequently, they were assigned to the OMS World Headquarters, where Dave served as the executive director of International Ministries (now Global Ministries) for the next 15 years, during which time, Dave completed his doctoral degree at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and laid the foundation for expanding the OMS outreach footprint from 14 nations and 10 indigenous denominations, with 3,000 local congregations, to today’s worldwide outreach of 75 nations, with 24 indigenous denominations, and more than 80,000 local congregations around the globe.

Since 2007, Dave has served as VP-at-Large, a research missiologist, organizational consultant, champion for ministry among Muslims, and an advocate for the Billion.Global coalition founded by OMS with more than 140 organizational members.

In 2016, Dave began a new chapter as the president of the Duewel Literature Trust (DLT), a legally separate, but integrally related, sister nonprofit organization, incorporated to share the inspiration, passion, and challenge of the late Dr. Wesley Duewel, former OMS President, among the world’s most overlooked and underserved people in the majority world church. Dr. Duewel’s 10 major publications on prayer, evangelism, missions, and revival are available in 58 languages with 2.5 million copies in circulation worldwide.

Dave and Celia rejoice in the faithfulness of God, who has guided, directed, provided, and protected while helping to establish Christ’s church around the world, expanding the kingdom of God in the hearts and lives of his people. Their adult sons and their families, Ryan, Leanne, and Kathryn reside in Scottsdale, AZ. Daniel, Denise, and Elise reside in Lexington, KY.

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David and Celia Dick
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