Octavio and Fannyta Areiza

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Octavio and Fannyta Areiza

Octavio and Fannyta Areiza are amazed to understand that God has kept them in his heart as well in his plans. Since they were young, the Lord gave Octavio and Fannyta some glimpses of his glory and purposes. Now, after almost 30 years of ministry, he has invited them to serve him in California through One Mission Society. Gladly, the Areizas have said, “Yes!” to his call. They believe the same grace, love, and faithfulness that has carried them throughout their lives will continue to be present with them in their new assignment.

Because of God´s grace, One Mission Society has appointed Octavio and Fannyta as the new Regional Ministries representatives for California. There are so many challenges but, at the same time, so many opportunities, and because of his might and tender guidance, they would love to seize all those opportunities to make them count for eternity. The Areizas’ Latino heritage, their experience of living in the U.S. for years, and their ministry experience are great assets as they carry out their call.

After leading a reconciliation project, the Sycamore Tree Project, for almost three years at one the largest prisons in Colombia, and after investing one year seeking their funds, it is with much excitement they have arrived in California. The task of funding their ministry continues, but praise God, they are now much closer to the people they will learn to love and serve in God´s name as they reach out to the entire state of California, the U.S., and, of course, as the Bible says, “… to the ends of the earth.” They are grateful God has called them as chosen instruments to carry out his divine purposes. Praised be his name!

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Octavio and Fannyta Areiza
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