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Mexico - Circle of Silence

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Project Account: #408337

Reaching the Unreached in 8 Mexican States

Mexico - Circle of Silence

In Central Mexico, a group of eight states holds a special place in Mexican history. The eight Mexican states of Jalisco, Guanajuato, Michoacán, Zacatecas, Queretaro, San Luis Potosi, Aguagscalientes, and Nayarit were never conquered by Spanish conquistadors. A fact that they proudly share with others.

Hundreds of years later, this same region has another thing that sets them apart ... the largest concentration of unreached people in Spanish-speaking Latin America, more than 28 million people! It is known as the “Circle of Silence” because it is both a difficult and dangerous area to share the Good News where drug lords, persecution, poverty, and religious traditions are just a few of the challenges. Less than 1% or 1 in 100 people have had the opportunity to hear, understand, and believe in Jesus.

In 2019, One Mission Society and Satura México (OMS Saturate Mexico) began working with various churches to plan how to best reach people living in the Circle of Silence. One of the ideas to reach the next generation was to hold youth camps throughout the year.

In September 2021, they planned for 100 young people to attend youth camp, but 250 young men and women showed up! At another event in 2022, 512 young people spent two jammed-packed days filled with games, dramas, and workshops designed to introduce them to the real Jesus of the Bible, who is different than the Jesus from their religious traditions. More than 360 young people committed to follow Jesus on the first day! Praise God!

In the past year, more than 2,500 young people have attended youth camps, with 1,700 of those deciding to follow Jesus! Unfortunately, many do not own a Bible. We want to give them their first Bible to help them grow in their newfound Christian faith. Satura Mexico, another partner of OMS, continues ministering to these believers so they will become true disciples. Your gift of $12 buys a young person their first Bible.

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