• BJ and Andrea Williamson

    BJ and Andrea Williamson serve in Ecuador as missionaries with One Mission Society. They began their career in 2004 working with, and eventually leading, the eXtreme Walk program. Later, they served as district liaisons, keeping communication open between the Ecuadorian local churches and OMS. Through the years, they have worked in several vital ministry areas, seeing first-hand the growth and the struggles that the church faces.

    Upon their return to Ecuador in 2015, BJ was named director of OMS’ new West Loja Outreach ministry to the unreached province of Loja in southwest Ecuador. This team has a pioneering work that reaches out to several key communities in the province. In the beginning phase of this work, their team received a group of short term missionaries who worked to form relationships. From those contacts, several discipleship groups have begun. BJ and Andrea now live in Chaguarpamba, a small town in the province, where there is a concentration of new believers. They are working to form and grow house church groups in the region.

    BJ and Andrea both hold undergraduate degrees from Asbury University. BJ received his degree in Bible and theology, and Andrea’s degree is in missiology. BJ also completed his license in theology at SEMBEC seminary in Cuenca, Ecuador. BJ’s first experience on an OMS field was with a Men for Missions short-term intercessory prayer team in 2003. During the trip, he began to understand and appreciate OMS’ philosophy of ministry, goals, and focuses. BJ and Andrea are excited to continue working with One Mission Society.

    The Williamsons were married in October of 2003, and eight months later left for Ecuador. Both have a strong calling to follow Jesus to cross cultural ministry. The Williamsons welcomed their first child, Elijah, in April 2006; their daughter, Lydia, in July 2008; and Micah in April 2013.

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