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The Strategic Alliance of Latin American Seminaries (SALAS)

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Project Account: #305521

Training Leaders for the Church in Latin America

The Strategic Alliance of Latin American Seminaries (SALAS)

The Strategic Alliance of Latin American Seminaries or SALAS is a network of seven seminaries in Latin America with the goal of multiplying the effectiveness and influence of these theological education institutions in Latin America to grow a healthier and more dynamic church.

This effort will promote both the quality and the breadth of theological education, encouraging an increase in the number of students trained, while at the same time, elevating the effectiveness of the instruction offered.

Better leadership training is needed in Latin America to enable the church to become healthier and do a better job of discipling believers. Beyond that, the Latin American church is well-positioned to provide effective missionaries, more able than Westerners to reach out to limited-access countries. The church in Latin America can also provide thought leaders for the worldwide church, as these leaders bring their own unique perspectives and experiences to bear on the theological issues facing the church today.

The rapid growth in the number of evangelical believers in Latin America is one of the most dramatic developments in the global church since World War II. Evangelicals have seen their influence in society increase, along with their numbers, and some evangelicals hold positions of great significance. Missions vision has also grown, and Latin America now sends out hundreds of missionaries annually. But this rapid growth is accompanied by concerns about inadequate discipleship and weaknesses in the spiritual health of many churches. Theological education offers a way to address these issues and develop Christ-like leaders for the global church.

One Mission Society and its partners have the vision to enhance the fruitfulness of leadership training in Latin America by developing a network to promote the excellence and availability of theological education through online distance education and institutional advancement. Seven schools, all of which have a long-standing relationship with OMS, have agreed to help launch a network of institutions to accomplish this goal.  

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