Brad and Daneille Snowden

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Brad and Daneille Snowden

Revs. Brad and Daneille Snowden have served as pastors in America for more than 28 years, as well as served the pastors and the church leaders in Mozambique. Both are ordained and skilled in teaching, preaching, counseling, and administrating. Brad is also skilled in the areas of carpentry and mechanics.

The need is great as the call is clear for them to be encouragers, advisors, counselors, teachers, and friends to the pastors across the globe. This includes biblical instruction to enhance God's kingdom. Preaching will always be a part of the ministry as they preach the powerful Word of God wherever God leads.

Brad and Daneille have been married for 31 years. They have three children: Nathan (married to Emily) serves in the U.S. Navy, Felecia, who is gifted in music and attends university, and Tabitha, who is called to minister to children in Africa.

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Brad and Daneille Snowden
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