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Oscar Jimenez

Oscar Jiménez Quintana is a pastor, serving in London with One Mission Society, by God's grace. He was raised as a pastor’s son and came to know Christ within the Inter-American Church of Colombia, a denomination founded by OMS more than 70 years ago. After graduating as a theologian in 2010 from the Biblical Seminary of Colombia, an OMS-founded seminary, he became involved in the general leadership of the Inter-American Church. He also set up the Missions Department, a platform to send missionaries from Colombia to the world. He also contributed significantly to the development of the Education Department within the denomination.

Oscar has taught in several settings, such as the seminary where he was trained and as an inter-denominational speaker. He has also written five books focused on various topics, such as how to deal with suffering, based on the life of Job, and how to recognize and stand against undercover gospels that are infiltrating the church today.

In September 2013, Oscar left his position as director of Missions and was sent to England to serve as a church planter among the Spanish-speaking community. He then started Inter-London Church, made up of migrants from Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Argentina, Bolivia, Spain, and Angola.

Oscar is working on a master’s degree at the London School of Theology. At the end of the second year, his studies can be developed further and upgraded to a Ph.D. Studying will allow Oscar to continue his ministry in London as a pastor. It will also sharpen his skills as a researcher and writer, so he can continue to provide written content for Latinos living in Latin America and all over the world. Furthermore, it will grant him the qualifications needed to teach in formal theological institutions.

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Oscar Jimenez
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