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Kathy Coon

Kathy Coon served as a missionary in Ecuador with One Mission Society from 1979 until March of 2016. She spent the majority of that time in Guayaquil, with three years in Quito from 2001 to 2004. While serving as field treasurer, Kathy also used her music and discipleship training whenever possible.

During her nearly 36 years in Ecuador, she saw God particularly at work in the area of music and worship in the church. Several of her disciples in that area became leaders and teachers, training other musicians who, in turn, are training other musicians.

In 2015, Kathy’s role as field treasurer was passed on to another missionary, and her varied roles in music and discipleship training were being filled by Ecuadorians. As a result, she sensed God leading her to leave Ecuador and move to OMS headquarters in Greenwood, Indiana, to work in the Finance Department.

Because Kathy speaks Spanish and has had at least 25 years of experience as a field treasurer, she views her job in the Finance Department as tailor-made for her. As assistant to the international accountant, Kathy’s responsibilities include processing missionary expense reports from Uruguay, Colombia, and the Dominican Republic, handling the Spain Camp reports, and serving as the field treasurer for Mexico.

When asked how she feels about what she is doing she says “I believe God has brought me here for a time such as this. With so many fields without treasurers, what I do fills a huge need. Plus, I play an integral part in what God is doing not just on one field, but on five fields!”

Kathy earned her bachelor’s degree in music education from Michigan State University and worked for five years as a secretary. She received discipleship training through the Navigator ministry on the Michigan State campus and through working with singles. An internship at OMS World Headquarters in Greenwood, Indiana, and eight months of language study in Costa Rica completed her preparation for her overseas assignment.

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Kathy Coon
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