• Jessica Hollopeter

    Jessica Hollopeter serves as the Train & Multiply production specialist with Every Community for Christ, the church multiplication catalyst of One Mission Society. T&M is a method of training potential Christian leaders in evangelism, discipleship, and church planting. The 63-booklet series is a biblically-based, doctrinally-neutral tool that covers such topics as baptism, the Great Commission, spiritual warfare, worship, and more.

    The booklets are used in more than 40 languages and countries. After assisting with the creation of the fourth edition of the English version, Jessica is now updating the translations and formatting of previously published booklets. She is also helping to coordinate 27 new translations in 2016. These booklets have been used to great effect in a variety of contexts. For more information, visit the T&M Facebook page. Jessica has also assisted in the development of the Train & Multiply mobile app, which will make it easier for people to interact with the materials.

    In addition to her work with ECC, Jessica works with the OMS radio ministry as a writer and voice actor, and she assists in event planning. She has enjoyed the opportunity to serve in Thailand, South Asia, Spain, and Poland on short-term trips.

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