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Susan Truitt

South Korea
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Susan Truitt

Susan Truitt of Waco, Texas, a missionary with One Mission Society in Korea since 1995, is a professor of English at Seoul Theological University and serves in English ministries.

As director of Adventures in English (AIE), an annual summer intensive English program, Susan focuses on teaching English to Korean Christians to prepare them for cross-cultural ministry. In addition, she teaches English at the missionary training center.

Regarding her ministry, Susan shares, “One of the major needs of Korean missionaries is training in English. I believe God has called me to use my ability to teach English to help prepare Korean Christians to be more effective in ministry in this global society.”

In 1988-89, she served for a short term as an English teacher at the OMS-related Seoul Theological University (STU). "At that time," she states, "God gave me a love for the Korean people, as well as a vision of how he is using Korean Christians to reach the world for Christ. After prayer and consideration of other options, I sensed God leading me back to Korea."

To gain further preparation, Susan attended Michigan State University and received a master's degree in linguistics. In 1995, she graduated with a Ph. D. in foreign language education from the University of Texas at Austin. While there, she also gained practical experience as a volunteer in a ministry for international students.

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