Bethany and Wattanajit (Golf) Tonglamun

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Bethany and Wattanajit (Golf) Tonglamun

Golf and Bethany (Ury) Tonglamun, along with their two daughters, Busaba, (2017) and Eleanor, (2020) live in a rural farming community in northern Thailand. Their primary focus is discipleship and mentoring new believers at their local church and in the village where they live.

Golf and Bethany are developing a small farm, Ripple Valley, to be used as a center of education for the community to learn sustainable living practices and farm skills. As well as being a hub for education and skills-training, the farm is a place of hospitality and generosity. Projects such as honey-bees, aquaponics, and dairy goat farming are all ways to help empower individuals and their communities to live sustainably, all through the lens of cultivating lives of service and generosity.  

In addition to developing the farm, Golf and Bethany serve on the pastoral care team at their local church. Golf assists in leading the worship team, through which he has many opportunities to mentor and disciple young men from church throughout the week. Bethany is on the teaching team, ministering to the church body through preaching, cultivating hearts that are hungry for the Word.  

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