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David and Marty Meek

David and Marty Meek served in Japan with One Mission Society for many years—more than 27 for Marty and 15 as a couple. During that time, they were involved in a wide variety of ministries, including 12 years in field leadership. David was responsible for coordinating ministry efforts with Japanese church and seminary leaders. He also preached regularly and taught English evangelism classes. Marty had an active ministry in English and Western-cooking evangelism and taught as a volunteer in the local elementary school as a bridge to the community. They are thankful that the Lord blessed this ministry over the years. During one of their terms, they helped to plant a pioneer church in Iruma, near Tokyo. David served as a member of the board of directors of Christian Academy in Japan and as chair of its board of councilors, and Marty also served on the board of directors. Marty hosted many field guests and fellowship events with national church and seminary leaders and staff during their time in Japan.

The Meeks have three children—Satomi, 16, Chris, 16, and Rebecca, 13. All of the children are Japanese and are adopted. David and Marty are thankful that the Lord has blessed them by bringing the children into the family and have tried to encourage other families to consider adoption. Their children have been a real asset to their evangelistic ministry over the years.

After much prayer, David and Marty made the difficult decision in 2008 to return to the United States for ministry so they can be closer to David’s mother. They have assumed new responsibilities at OMS headquarters in Greenwood. David works in the Development Department at One Mission Society, helping to raise funds for OMS evangelism, church planting and leadership training ministries around the world. He builds partnerships with Christian foundations and individuals to support these efforts. He also assists in the preparation of presentations to major donors and oversees the process of preparing direct mail letters. Marty serves in the hospitality area at OMS headquarters, hosting international guests, board members and missionary staff and promoting community among staff members through regular fellowship events. They both continue involvement with ministry to Japan by reaching out to Japanese living in the Greenwood area through ministries similar to those they engaged in overseas.

One Mission Society is an evangelical, interdenominational faith mission that makes disciples of Jesus Christ through intentional evangelism, planting churches and training national leaders in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Europe and Latin America. OMS then joins with those churches in global partnerships to reach the rest of the world.

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David and Marty Meek
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