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Gail Leroy

Gail Leroy serves with One Mission Society in Uruguay in various capacities. She is temporarily filling in for John and Lisa Hamilton, serving at Christ Church, as well as in the community. Since Gail served in Uruguay from 2004–2011, she has many friends and contacts. She continues to be involved with discipleship and assists the field wherever it is needed.

Gail has served with OMS since 1979. She is the daughter of Douglas and Julie Leroy, who served in Colombia from 1960–1964. Gail got her first glimpse and perhaps first call to missions in Colombia. Even at this young age, she knew her life would be an adventure with Jesus, and it continues!

Eventually, Gail returned to Colombia for three months on a short-term mission trip, during which she worked with her childhood teacher, Millie Young. Millie worked with Compassion International, which supported the small OMS schools. Three years later, Gail returned to Medellín, Colombia, with OMS and Compassion International, where she served for nine years.

Gail returned to the U.S. and worked at OMS headquarters in the Men for Missions office for two years, attending university at night and earning her business degree. OMS asked her return to Colombia to work with Every Community for Christ teams, which she did for a year, until the director of the OMS-related seminary asked her to be administrator of grounds, teams, and workers, a role she filled for three years, until her visa expired and the government wouldn't renew it. While at the seminary, Gail got to know John and Lisa Hamilton and learned of their desire to start ministry in Uruguay. They asked her to join them when they went. In the meantime, for almost eight years, Gail was the administrator at OMS World Headquarters. She was also able to be close to her folks the last few years of their lives.

Gail moved to Uruguay in March 2004. She worked with the Hamiltons at Christ Church, serving as a bridge between the generations. She gained much respect from the British community and served in many areas. But when OMS leadership asked Gail to move to the Dominican Republic to work with Colombians who planned to go as missionaries, she said yes. Plans fell through, and the Colombian couple didn’t go. Gail had already moved to the D.R., and she felt that God sent her there for a purpose, so she stayed. She helped many missionaries, pastors, leaders, and organizations with translation. She also began visiting New Hope Safe House, a home for young girls, and quickly became involved in the lives of the girls and helped the director in various ways. One of Gail’s most fulfilling contributions was helping find and raise funds for a large home in a much safer neighborhood. During her last year in the D.R., Gail facilitated the Train and Multiply movement, training many of the leaders she met and worked with during her four years there.

As Gail sensed she had finished her mission in the D.R. and began to get restless, OMS asked Gail if she would return to Uruguay to help fill the gap while the Hamiltons are in the U.S. for homeland assignment. Although she will greatly miss her new friends in the DR, she knows that it’s time to move on to God's new adventures for her.

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Gail Leroy
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