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Joetta Lehman

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Joetta Lehman

“I always wanted to be a missionary, but….could God ever use me?” Joetta wanted to be a missionary from the time she met her first real missionary at age 10. She went on her first short-term mission trip to Haiti in 1977 and subsequently took several other mission trips there, once for two years. With each trip to Haiti, God dealt more intensely with her heart about full-time Christian service. After working in the corporate world for 15 years, Joetta left her secular career and became a missionary to Haiti in 1995 with One Mission Society.

Joetta is from Franklin, Pennsylvania. She was raised in a Christian home and accepted Christ as a young girl. She was very active in her local church. Joetta is appointed jointly by TMS Global and One Mission Society.

During her 13 years in Haiti, Joetta served as children’s ministry coordinator, administrator of Bethesda Medical Clinic and field treasurer. In addition, she led chapel at Cowman International School and taught Christian education courses at Emmaus Biblical Seminary.

In May 2011, Joetta transferred from the Haiti field to the OMS World Headquarters. She works in the Finance Department where she has performed many different tasks. Currently, she performs the field treasurer functions for the Homes for Haiti project. She also assists the international accountant.

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