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Lorna Chandler

Taiwan, United States
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Lorna Chandler

Having completed 19 years as missionaries to Taiwan, Phil and Lorna Chandler currently serve the Lord in the World Intercessors Department of One Mission Society. The son of missionary parents, Phil grew up in East Asia. Lorna is from Michigan.

Following college, Phil went to Haiti to serve at the OMS radio station, Radio 4VEH.

After six years of teaching the blind, Lorna went to Haiti in 1971 to teach missionary children. Lorna and Phil met there, married and served in Haiti until 1975.

In 1980, they went to Taiwan, where Phil served in maintenance and had an extensive film ministry. In later years, they worked full time at Morrison Academy, the school for missionary children in Taichung, Taiwan. Lorna also worked a short time at a school for the blind in Taiwan.

From 1999 until Phil's passing in 2017, Phil and Lorna served in the World Intercessors Department, where they produced a variety of prayer tools to meet the needs of individuals, prayer groups and churches. 

Both of their sons, Ted and Andy, spent all of their school years at Morrison, graduating in 1992 and 1999 respectively. 

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