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Larry and Marian Byrnes

Lawrence (Larry) and Marian Byrnes are now retired from active missionary service with One Mission Society, but they are actively involved in their local church, evangelism outreach, and mentoring/discipleship. They are intentional in passing on a vision for the world and spending more time interceding for global concerns.

As a couple, they served in the Republic of Ireland from 2001 to 2006, where they were involved in relational evangelism, discipleship, and partnering with Irish church leaders. Prior to their ministry in Ireland, Larry and Marian represented OMS on college campuses in Indiana, Illinois, and Michigan.

Marian began serving as a missionary with OMS in 1971. From 1971 until 1980, Marian served in Haiti as a nurse in OMS’ Bethesda Medical Clinic. She also trained Haitian employees for medical ministries and taught Christian education at the OMS-related Emmaus Vocational Bible School (now Emmaus Biblical Seminary). In 1983, she began working with the Evangelical Haitian Church of Florida in Miami, the first OMS-related stateside ethnic ministry. Her work within the church included counseling, interpreting, teaching, leading Bible studies, and hosting. In 1988, Marian became a missionary-in-residence at Taylor University in Upland, Indiana, where her primary goal was to motivate and mobilize students into missionary service. Before their retirement, Marian served with OMS Member Services.

Marian holds a master of religious education degree from Asbury Theological Seminary and a bachelor of science degree in nursing from Roberts Wesleyan College. On leave from OMS from 1980-1983, Marian was a faculty member in the division of nursing at Roberts Wesleyan College in New York.

Larry is a retired ordained elder in the Crossroads District of the Wesleyan Church. He pastored for 35 years and taught for 29 years in the Indiana public school system. After his marriage to Marian (Nov. 29, 1997), he began working as a campus representative with her on various college and university campuses.

Larry graduated with a theological diploma (1962) from Kentucky Mountain Bible College. He also holds an A.B. in religion from Indiana Wesleyan University (1965) and an M.S. in education from St. Francis College in Ft. Wayne, Indiana (1973).

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Larry and Marian Byrnes
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