Daniel and Amanda Buck

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Daniel and Amanda Buck

Amanda and Daniel decided to team up (get married) in 2019 because high fives are more fun together then separately. They both grew up in the church, and both of their fathers are pastors. Unlike many pastor’s children, neither one of them left the church, but instead, they have found that God has called them to help strengthen the church through business.

God brought Daniel to Hungary first. In fact, he received the call early in high school while watching an episode of Cheers. This led him to a degree in business management after realizing how businesses are able to both positively impact the community by investment but also able to act as a witness, creating the unique ability to run in circles often closed to most Christians.

For Amanda, the call came later after working a public relations job for years and helping her family start up and run a non-profit coffeehouse, literally showing the sweetness of God’s love through baking all the pastries. She felt God telling her to wait and see what he had next for her. Although she was skeptical at first about a guy taking a part-time job at her coffeehouse, talking about using business to share God’s love with people, after a long period of prayer and almost breaking up, God made it clear that he was calling her … and them … to more. She knew God had prepared her perfectly for her position in Hungary to use the skills she had developed in her former jobs.

The duo carries their passion for connecting the sacred and the secular by using the bridge of business to tangibly share the love of God with their community to the field in Hungary, looking to create sustainable businesses to support the communities of faith developing there.

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Daniel and Amanda Buck
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