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Every Community for Christ

Every Community for Christ (ECC) is the church multiplication catalyst for One Mission Society, serving through biblically-based teams in more than 50 countries. These teams work within the context of partnership with denominations or church associations to start church planting movements to grow healthy churches that will multiply.

Partnerships are formed to evangelize, plant churches and training leaders for multiplication. The intent is to glorify the Lord by helping people experience new life in Christ in the context of a healthy local church. These joint ventures are committed to train the trainers in 12 church multiplication principles in the 4 levels of church planting:

  • Pioneer Evangelism
  • Church Planting
  • Church Multiplication
  • Saturation Church Planting

Ministry partners select a process such as: Train & Multiply, Training for Trainers or Community Church Planting in order to create a master plan. This plan describes a church model to be multiplied and outlines the method for leadership training. Trained leaders go out to seek persons of peace that God has prepared to start cell groups and churches that will multiply.

We need people! Maybe you can serve as a CMF or Associate CMF. The CMF (Church Multiplication Facilitator) encourages leaders and coaches them for a greater harvest. The Associate Church Multiplication Facilitator's role will be to support the ECC ministry in their assigned country or countries through prayer, follow-up visits and preparation for the each visit.

Interested in serving as a shepherd or CMF? Contact mobilization for more details.

If you'd like to know more about Train & Multiply, click here.

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