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Benjamin Taber

Benjamin Taber serves as the videographer and AV specialist for OMS USA.

His passion is to tell the story of what God is doing around the world through visual media to open the eyes of Christians to the amazing movement of the Lord in the hearts of people around the world. Though the main emphasis of his ministry is as a digital storyteller, he also uses his experience in church worship production to produce many OMS live events. He is also taken on the responsibility of helping to manage the new OMS website.

Benjamin is a graduate of Asbury University, where he earned a degree in high school education and communications with an emphasis in production. It was also at Asbury where he met his wife, Sandy.

Benjamin and Sandy have six children; Patrick, Amelia, Elliott, Donovan, Leona, and Sean. Patrick is a sophomore in high school and an avid soccer player. Amelia is in junior high and is learning to play the piano and enjoys horse back riding. Elliott is in elementary and enjoys soccer and has recently discovered robotics. Donovan and Leona are bundles of joy and so much energy. They enjoy running around the house and "helping" wherever they can. Sean is the newest addition to the family. Sandy is a seamstress, housewife, and is the primary teacher for their school aged children. She supports Ben's ministry by caring for the family while he travels on assignment.

To hear the stories of what God is doing in the lives of individuals all around the world visit our media page at You can find Ben on Facebook here.

USA - Benjamin Taber - 2021

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Benjamin Taber
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