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Carl and Teresa Poynter

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Carl and Teresa Poynter

Carl and Teresa were accepted by One Mission Society (OMS) in May of 2010 as career missionaries. In November of 2012, Carl and Teresa began serving in Ohio as regional directors with Men for Missions (MFM is a ministry of OMS).

Our desire is to encourage others to do, go, and give whatever God asks, all to fulfill the Great Commission and to strengthen their walk with Christ.  

We both have a burden to see souls saved and to glorify God. As regional directors, we develop contacts between churches, MFM groups, and other Christian organizations, providing communications about OMS activities to churches and individuals. We distribute monthly updates and quarterly newsletters to ministry partners, recruit people to fill ministry teams, and OMS long-term mission positions. We also enjoy leading short-term ministry teams around the world to support OMS ministries. And on occasion, we have the opportunity to lead church services for pastors and churches as requested.

Carl took his first one-week mission trip to Haiti in 2009. Carl and Teresa followed the Lord to Spain and then on to Haiti in 2012. Since then, Carl has led trips to Haiti, Colombia, and Japan. Carl and Teresa took many trips to lead teams and help build homes in Haiti. God then provided them opportunities to build churches in Bon Repos, Haiti, (2015 thru 2016) and then in Kochi, Japan, (2017 thru 2019).

Meanwhile, in 2013, Carl started traveling to Colombia for one-week trips for evangelism. He made several trips to Colombia and witnessed many people pray to make Jesus their Savior between 2013 and 2019. In 2019, Carl joined a team for a week of evangelism to Colombia with Teresa and their son Justin, as well as others from the USA. As of September 2018, Carl and Teresa have returned to the role of regional directors with Men for Missions. Our sons are adults now. Our oldest, Curtis, lives in Montana, and our youngest, Justin, just graduated from high school and lives in Ohio with us.  

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