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Sam Downey

While driving to work, Sam made a statement to the Lord, “One day, I’d like to work for you.” Little did she know how he would fulfill her declaration.

After a series of encounters with a few OMS missionaries, God opened the door for Sam to join the OMS family full time in February 2008. Sam’s ministry started in Development, but she quickly found her passion would be to focus on the ministry of Dynamic Women in Missions (DWIM). Often wondering herself, in her early years as a new believer, what she could do in missions, she was too afraid to ask anyone for help or understanding of what missions was all about.

As this new ministry began in 2008, Sam worked diligently, calling on individuals, organizations, and churches to see how they engaged women into missional movements. She discovered they had the same roadblocks she herself had before she started in ministry. (ie. cost, family obligations, time, experience.) Gaining an understanding of what kept women in their seats was a priority. The answer on how to demolish those barriers would come when discerning the needs of women serving globally and bridging the need with the talents of those sitting in church seats. Next, DWIM provided opportunities to serve on short–term teams. From applying for a passport, funding for their trip, coming together as a team member, and understanding cultural expectations, Sam worked toward answering questions a team member or her family had to confidently support her decision to be a part of a mission trip.

Sam serves as the global director of Dynamic Women in Missions. This ministry has grown and spread across the globe. With the understanding that women are a driving force in evangelism, discipleship/disciple-making, and church multiplication, DWIM is engaging and igniting women around the globe, all through women who were not sure how they could be used in ministry.

Sam continues to lead short-term teams but places much of her focus demonstrating the value DWIM may add to new global partnerships and existing OMS ministries or partners by coming alongside their women’s ministry/group.

It takes a team to support a ministry. Sam has asked her team to search for those with a passion and a heart to serve the Lord. In her experience, despite diversity or background, women share many of the same hurts and hopes. Growing the DWIM team through multi-generational women, she hopes to bring women together through the love of Christ and strives to bring healing and freedom through God’s Word, empowering them with skills to be disciple-makers and kingdom builders wherever they go.

When Sam is not leading short-term teams or meeting with denominational leaders, her attention is connecting with investors for the DWIM ministry and advancing the ministry.

From a woman who sold “sugar water” for a living (Coca-Cola, cold drink regional sales representative) to the global director of Dynamic Women in Missions, she reflects how God used her experiences to further his purpose, even somebody who wondered what she could do in mission.

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Sam Downey
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