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Mick and Nora Suman

United States
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Mick and Nora Suman

Mick and Nora were both raised in Christian homes and accepted the Lord at young ages. They were married in 1971, and Mick spent the following five years in the U.S. Air Force, serving in the United States; Okinawa, Japan; and Taiwan.

Mick and Nora spent three five-year terms ministering in Spain, working in church planting with both Spaniards and the Chinese living in Madrid, teaching English, working in camp ministry, teaching at the Evangelical Christian Academy and teaching on loan to a seminary.

They then spent seven years in Houghton, New York, where they were missionaries-in-residence at Houghton College. While they were there, Mick earned his Ph.D. from SAIACS and Nora finished a B.A. in education from Houghton College. Also during their time at Houghton College, they went to Hungary short-term to teach English to the Hungarian military.

In 2002, they went to East Asia where they studied the language and taught for two years at a university. They then moved to another area of East Asia, where they spent four years teaching in a middle school and in universities. They spent another year and a half elsewhere in Asia, teaching at a university. While there, Mick taught oral English, advanced English writing, cross-culture communications, European culture, and Bible literature. Nora taught oral English, English writing, British literature, and British history. They also spent nine months in South Korea, where they worked as mentors and taught English at the Korea Evangelical Holiness Church Missionary Training Center.

They taught a semester in Nepal at the Korean Nepal International College, taught immigrants in Ireland for a year, and had an orientation in Cuba. They also took a counseling seminar in Layfette, Indiana, in Spanish for Cuba ministries.

Mick and Nora have two sons. Their older son Matthew and his wife Elizabeth reside in Rochester, New York, while their younger son Andrew and his wife Holly live in Decatur, Indiana.

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