Howard and Jan Biddulph

Colombia, United States
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Howard and Jan Biddulph

Howard and Jan Biddulph serve at Asbury Theological Seminary as missionaries-in-residence, believing that their experience in discipleship and mentoring one-on-one might be helpful in encouraging students sensing a missionary call.

Howard and Jan worked in church planting in Bogota, Colombia, for 33 years. After they started in university work in 1971, the Bible studies multiplied, morphing into a house church and then moving to a major avenue in 1985. Today, what started as a single congregation in a strategic location has generated three daughter congregations in previously unreached sectors of middle class neighborhoods—all led by pastors trained in the seminary and the mother church.

Back in 1971, the Biddulphs felt fortunate that their arrival in the capital city coincided with the renewal movement within the Roman Catholic Church begun by the Second Vatican Council (1962-65), opening doors as never before to the study of God’s Word.

Thirty-three years later, feeling that their continuance as lead pastors might be holding back the growth of more than 25 seminary-trained men and women, Howard and Jan left Colombia and moved back to Florida, serving in New Hope Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Fort Myers as pastor of Christian Education and Small Groups for eight years before moving to Wilmore, Kentucky, to serve at Asbury.

Biddulphs have two daughters, Lisa and Christy. John and Lisa Hamilton are 20-year missionaries, serving for 10 years in Colombia and 10 years in Uruguay’s capital city, Montevideo. John and Lisa have three children. Christy Sparks is married to Michael, a financial planner, and they reside in Mansfield, Ohio. They have three daughters and serve in their local church.

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