Restoring Dignity to the Women of Kivu DRC

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Restoring Dignity

Restoring Dignity to the Women of Kivu DRC


Thanks to your generous donations, we were able to meet this goal!

To date, 275 displaced women were served in Jesus’ name. To God be the glory! Material for new dresses and scarves was purchased, seamstresses were employed to sew the clothing, and 500 large bars of soap were purchased and distributed by our partners in North Kivu. The women were so grateful.


But the attacks on Christians are increasing, so we ask for your continued prayers for the people in this region. 

Imagine sitting in your pew or seat on Sunday morning, excited and ready to hear your pastor share this week’s Gospel message when suddenly … you hear the thunder of machine guns around you and shrieks of terror being cried out. Chaos has broken out, and now you must run for your life.

This is exactly what happened on February 14, the day much of the world celebrates love, terror and hate reigned in the North Kivu Province of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). Men, women, and children fled their homes to get away from a jihadist group allied with ISIS. On that Sunday, 13 villagers were killed by jihadist soldiers while they worshiped in their church. Many more people were forced to flee to areas of relative safety.

The plight of these displaced villagers is extremely difficult. Many escaped with only the clothes on their back. The violence, rape, and terrorism induced upon women is so great, it is easy to believe that they have lost any sense of dignity that they may have once had. This, coupled with no place of shelter and little food, leaves them feeling as if all hope is lost.

The needs are great (and OMS in partnership with Mercy is addressing these), but one request stood out to OMS’ Dynamic Women in Missions: the need for women’s clothing. By providing clothing, the soap to wash it, and everyday feminine hygiene products, we will give back some of the dignity that has been taken from these sisters and mothers who had to flee their homes. We will give some protection from the elements, and we will give them at least a small measure of hope. As we provide these items, we will share encouragement from God’s Word. 

It costs $20 to purchase material (kitenge, a thick wax cotton fabric) and to pay a local seamstress to make a dress and scarf (pagne) and provide two large bars of soap to wash these clothes.

Now, envision North Kivu where lives will begin to be restored, hope will be renewed, and messages of God’s love will fill each person’s heart … all because they saw and experienced God in action from those unknown to them, providing for their needs.

OMS’ Dynamic Women in Missions asks you, will you Rise Up with us to be Better Together to help us supply 1,000 gift packages to the Kivu women? Every dollar you give will be matched up to $10,000. Our goal is to raise $20,000. Any additional funds raised beyond this will go to the OMS Worldwide Relief Fund.

God bless you for giving to these women in critical need now.

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Restoring Dignity to the Women of Kivu DRC
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