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United States
Project Account: #403400

One Mission Kids

One Mission Kids

“Helping Grow Missionary Hearts” is not just a memorable tagline for One Mission Kids; it helps to drive everything we do as a ministry. We encourage kids to reach their maximum missions potential to learn, pray, give, and to go make disciples of Jesus Christ. Reaching beyond the home, OMK uses a C-4 approach to impact today’s youth for missions by dynamically sharing at camps, churches, classrooms, and conferences.

OMK resources are crafted to help churches, schools, and families teach world missions to the next generation through the ministries of One Mission Society.

  • Interactive website
  • Prayer tools
  • Kid-tested mission projects
  • Cultural information
  • Music with a missions heartbeat for kids
  • Evangelistic programs with youth-friendly speakers
  • 5- and 10-day VBS-like programs
  • 1-day special mission events
  • Parent/teacher/church worker mission workshops
  • Animation of cartoon characters

Future missionaries are found everywhere! They are living in our homes. They are sitting in our classrooms and our churches. They are attending our conferences and camps. They are our kids and they are God’s answer for the future of missions. You and OMK can play a vital role in equipping tomorrow’s missionaries today. Or, as we like to say at One Mission Kids, we’re helping grow missionary hearts.

To find out more about our latest adventures, visit our One Mission Kids website at

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