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Jesus’ early followers were fishermen too. He taught them a new focus for fishing, one that involved catching people (see Luke 5:1–11). They never imagined this new kind of fishing as something they would do alone because they understood fishing as several persons in a circle, grasping a net, working in partnership to haul in the catch. Paul also had partners to do God’s mission. He said to the Philippians, “… I always pray with joy because of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now” (Phil. 1:4).

One Mission Society wants to partner with your church so that, together, we can fish for lost people. Our impact of working together will be much greater than if we work alone.

God’s mission of making disciples is the mutual calling of all Christians. We need each other. And when we work in deep partnership, we can accomplish greater things. At OMS, we envision partnerships with churches, large and small, that go beyond financial partnership and result in spiritual and missional renewal across the globe. For us, giving beyond money makes kingdom sense.

We envision several ways we can add value to your church through partnership.

  • We can pray for each other.
  • You can host OMS-led training and coaching sessions so that your church can grow spiritually and in its mission impact.
  • OMS offers short-term or career mission opportunities.
  • We can partner together to disciple, send, and care for those among you whom God is calling to cross-cultural mission.

Click here to connect with us and learn more about ways we can partner together.

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Pathways to Partnership (pdf) - Here

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Church Partners
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