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Bob and Suzanne Warren

Bob and Suzanne Warren serve with One Mission Society as church multiplication facilitators in Japan and South Korea...
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Jerry and Barbara Sandoz

Jerry Sandoz became a missionary with One Mission Society in South Korea in 1972 following an assignment with the...
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Ashley Boner

Ashley develops and delivers effective, informal online training to empower lay leaders and church leaders to...
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Bill and Joyce Oden

After pastoring for nearly 20 years in the U.S., Bill and Joyce sensed God’s call to missions and became a part of...
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Erica Thompson

Erica Thompson comes to One Mission Society eager to serve and well qualified to be a missionary teacher in Haiti....
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Lori McFall

Lori McFall serves as a trainer with HOPE61.
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Kristen Groves

Kristen will serve as a regional network representative for Dynamic Women in Missions, partnering with local...
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