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Shannon Rice

In December 2011, Shannon Rice joined Dynamic Women in Missions, a ministry of One Mission Society. She serves as a...
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Julia Henry

Julia Henry, from the U.K., served short term with One Mission Society in 2002 and 2004. She worked in Cuena and...
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Valeene Hayes

Valeene Hayes was a missionary musician at Radio 4VEH in Cap-Haitien, Haiti. She began her ministry with One Mission...
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Mark and Charlotte Kroes

Mark Kroes serves as executive director for One Mission Society Canada after having served for many years with Men...
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Brian Kessler

One Mission Society missionary Brian Kessler serves as the director of Information Systems for Every Community for...
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Sara Kenny

Sara Kenny is currently based in Hamilton, New Zealand, serving with short-term teams.
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Stacie Salmon

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Lois Taber

Bob and Lois Taber began their evangelism and mission ministries with One Mission Society in 1965 after 16 years in...
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Will and Julia Dickerson

Will began his service with One Mission Society in Hungary in 1993. He married Julia in June 2017. Their main thrust...
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