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Darryl and Kelly Chambers

Darryl and Kelly serve as field directors for Ecuador.
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Bob and Esther Fetherlin

Bob serves as the President of OMS with Esther working alongside him.
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Carol Matthews

Working for OMS Headquarters with Finance and ECC
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Moshe *

Moshe is of European and South American descent. He grew up in South America and later discipled Jewish believers for...
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Jim and Karen Hogrefe

Jim coordinates several of the training programs within Every Community for Christ, the church multiplication...
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Kristen Groves

Kristen will serve as a regional network representative for Dynamic Women in Missions, partnering with local...
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Andrea McFall

Andrea McFall serves as a secondary math teacher at Nicaragua Christian Academy (NCA), teaching Math 7, Algebra 2...
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Hilda Duewel

Hilda serves at the OMS World Headquarters with the Duewel Literature Trust.
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Mary Sutherland

Mary Sutherland is currently serving the Lord through One Mission Society extended service after more than 40 years...
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Laura Crosby

Laura Crosby serves as the Human Resources manager in the Human Resources Department at One Mission Society World...
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Rod and Jan Dormer

Biblical depth and effectiveness in ministry—this is Rod and Jan Dormer’s focus as members of the Theological...
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Darren and Sherilyn Sweeney

Darren serves as the global training manager and has had the opportunity to travel around the world, working...
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