​Why Globalization?

April 18 2019

Why should One Mission Society seek to help longtime partners from Africa, Asia, and Latin America (aka the Global South) actively express their missionary nature? As in the book of Acts, God, by his Spirit, put the desire in them to take the Gospel beyond the boundaries of their own people. It’s a growing passion, burning in the hearts of more and more of these partners. So why change organizationally to welcome and help them?

  • With churches in decline in many Western nations, a new wave of mission passion is coming from the Global South.
  • Missionaries from the Global South often can access people and places much less accessible to missionaries from North America and Europe.
  • With more than a century of mission experience, we can sensitively share effective tools, strategies, and other resources while graciously helping our Global South brothers and sister avoid the mistakes we have made.
  • North America and Europe, once strongholds of the Christian faith, are now mission fields in need of workers from the Global South.
  • In many contexts, missionaries from the Global South can be more effective than those coming from North America and Europe.

This is not a call for a moratorium on missionary sending from Western nations! God can use, and is using, workers from these countries in powerful ways. More are urgently needed. But it is a call to embrace and empower, in humility, cross-cultural workers coming from Africa, Asia, and Latin America. After all, God’s mission is a global mission . . . involving people from anywhere to anywhere as ambassadors of Christ, our deliverer and Lord.

Happy Easter!

Bob Fetherlin, President, One Mission Society

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