Global Impact Fund

Project Account: #408400
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Project Account: #408400

Global Impact Fund

Global Impact Fund

When you give to the Global Impact Fund, your generous support ensures that OMS ministries run smoothly and effectively to accomplish the Lord’s work at the OMS USA headquarters and on our mission fields globally in more than 70 countries.

We are so grateful for your investment that enables OMS to multiply disciple-makers, churches, missionaries, and leaders by supporting, training, and sending cross-cultural workers to make a global impact. 

This fund will allow us to connect resources with ministry opportunities that are actively engaging in equipping and disciple-making, with the goal of ultimately igniting missionary movements from everywhere to anywhere.

Your investment in the Global Impact Fund will:

  • Enable OMS to focus resources on multiplying disciple-makers through sharing the Good News and providing training opportunities.
  • Saturate entire regions, even nations, with new churches.
  • Multiply leaders to serve the new churches and communities.
  • Initiate new missionary movements from everywhere to anywhere.
  • Mobilize and care for global missionaries.
  • Allow OMS to plan wisely and exercise good stewardship during times of uncertainty or economic upheaval.
  • Help OMS attract high-quality applicants to serve in key ministry positions.
  • Sustain OMS to accomplish the Lord’s work locally and on our mission fields globally.

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Global Impact Fund
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