One Mission Society Prayer Ministry

This One Mission Society wall of prayer will help you pray effectively for OMS missionaries and ministries around the world. Each week, new prayer requests will be posted. Thanks for making an impact on your knees!

Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. — 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 (NKJV)
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Wall of Prayer

  • Ecuador

    Prayed for 5 timesMedical Team

    Pray for Darryl and Kelly Chambers and Andi Williamsonas they lead the Indiana Wesleyan medical team in Saraguro.

    I prayed!
  • Israel

    Prayed for 6 timesNeeded: Prayer Warriors

    Moshe is in Australia speaking at a conference and a few churches. Pray for his health and for believers to become prayer warriors for ministry in Israel!

    I prayed!
  • Latin America

    Prayed for 8 timesCommunity Kitchens in Cuba

    Pray for Cuba in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma. There is a lot of damage in this nation. Our partners on the ground are feeding nearly 400 people a day. Pray for donations to fund this ministry.

    I prayed!
  • Mexico

    Prayed for 9 timesEarthquake

    Pray for the OMS Mexico team to help as able in the aftermath of the latest earthquake

    I prayed!
  • South Korea

    Prayed for 4 timesTraining and Welcoming

    Pray for Bob and Suzanne Warren leading a Train & Multiply training workshop with Friends of All Nations, and then leading a retreat with the OMS Korea missionary team this week, including new arrivals the Santos family.

    I prayed!
  • United Kingdom

    Prayed for 17 timesMoving

    Prayer is requested as the UK team prepares to move their offices from Manchester, England, to Northern Ireland.

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  • United States

    Prayed for 12 timesNew website

    Pray for the New Life Network of Churches (outreach to Hispanic people in the U.S.). Pray as the team works on finalizing the new website and launching it soon. Pray for Samuel Barrios, an OMS missionary raising funds to serve with New Life.

    I prayed!
  • United States

    Prayed for 7 timesDisasters

    Continue to life up the northwest region of the United States: Texas, Florida, and the southern coasts, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and nations where natural disasters have wreaked havoc.

    I prayed!